Tacoma workers deserve economic security with jobs that provide liveable wages and secure benefits. Victoria knows what it’s like to struggle to make ends meet. She will focus on attracting businesses that bring permanent, good paying jobs into our community and will work hard to ensure we have a strong local economy so everyone can thrive – not just get by.


Growing up, Victoria’s family moved around Tacoma often. She knows first-hand the impacts on families when they are forced to be in constant transition. As mayor, Victoria will work with regional partners to ensure we’re making investments broadly for long-term affordable housing options.


Tacoma must be a city for everyone and that includes investing in comprehensive transportation plans so that our neighborhoods are well connected to one another – serving all ages of our population. Victoria believes this is the type of smart growth and investment that will benefit our city as well as change the cycle of gridlock and pollution.


Victoria is a proud graduate of Lincoln High School and throughout her career has been a huge advocate for our public school systems. Victoria believes it is our responsibility as a city to make sure that every child has an opportunity to be successful and will continue to invest in the quality education that all Tacoma students deserve.


As parks commissioner, Victoria helped secure funding for one of the largest urban parks in the country and ensured every neighborhood in Tacoma had access to beautiful green space. Investing in a healthy environment will save us money on energy, grow our local economy and make our neighborhoods more attractive and livable. Victoria will continue to create jobs by investing in energy efficiency and innovative solutions to pollution.


Everyone in Tacoma deserves to feel safe. Victoria will prioritize re-investing in public safety, to reduce response times and ensure everyone has efficient fire and police service. She will also continue her work on police reform to build a strong community policing program in Tacoma.


Tacoma had to make deep cuts during the recession and it is time we reinvested in our safety net. Victoria will protect and reinvest in our safety net, so we have adequate funding for programs needed most by the most vulnerable in our community including homelessness, mental health and drug and alcohol treatment.