Friends, I have exciting news to share: I’m running for Mayor of Tacoma in 2017!

I hope you’ll share this news and like my page for updates on the campaign.

I love Tacoma, and I want it to be the best place for everyone to live. My family moved here when I was still a young girl, and I watched this city grow up as I did.

The strength of this community helped me fulfill my destiny as an Army veteran, public servant, and non-profit leader. I’m running for Mayor so every person who lives in Tacoma can fulfill their OWN destiny.

Over the last 7 years on the City Council, I’ve fought for public safety, family-wage jobs, better roads, responsible budgets, and support for local businesses. I’ve worked to build a stronger system for combating homelessness and addressing our mental health crisis. I’ll do the same as Mayor.

More than 50 local elected officials and community leaders are endorsing my candidacy, including Mayor Marilyn Strickland and the entire Tacoma City Council. I am honored to have their trust and support in this campaign – I hope I’ll earn YOURS too.

One last thing: I’ll step down from the City Council later this month in order to run for Mayor. To keep city elections fair and open, Tacoma’s charter requires that elected officials observe a gap in service after being elected to two consecutive terms.

There is so much more work that needs to be done to keep Tacoma moving forward. The outcome of this year’s presidential election demonstrates these needs more clearly than ever.

I believe city governments must serve as beacons of progress during these stormy times. In the years ahead, Tacoma will need strong, experienced leaders who are unafraid to defend all our values and all our neighbors. This is a moment for us to choose hope over hate, opportunity over oppression, and faith over fear. I am confident our city will.